Junkyard Dynamics

A return to shooting film with a medium format Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii

I decided to shoot film for the first time in 15 years. I had an old Mamiya RB67, but decided to upgrade the body it to an RZ67 Pro ii, mainly so that at some point inthe future I can shoot digital with it. Thankfully the old Sekor C lenses also fit the RZ.
Development was interesting. I used to process my own films using standard methods and Ilfor chemicals. After researching on the internet to remind myself exactly how to do this, I discovered a much easier way to process film — stand development. A very slow process that uses far less chemicals; a much better solution for the planet.
I was happy I could still shoot and expose well, and happier still that the processing gave me well-exposed negatives. Scanning was interesting. I only have a crappy old Epson scanner — nothing high end. The initial scans were blurry and a bit disappointing, but after applying a ton of unsharp mask rounds, they look comparable  to (perhaps even better than) shots taken on my D800.
It's a start. We'll see where it goes from here.
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